Marjorie Taylor Greene Melts Down And Makes The America First Caucus Scandal Even Worse

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had a total meltdown and claimed that she never read the America First Caucus draft and then attacked the media.

Taylor Greene tweeted:

This. Is. Not. Helping.

Rep. Taylor Greene doesn’t deny that everything in the America First caucus language is true. She attacked the media for sharing the language with the American people.

Greene is clearly another mini-Trump because she doesn’t overtly deny the language in the draft but instead tries to distract and divert attention to make press freedom, not racism, the real enemy. Just like Trump, Taylor Greene would rather that we talk about her rage at the media instead of the contents of what was released in her name.

Let’s focus on racism, not the racist who is trying to distract from her white power beliefs.

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