WATCH: Levar Burton Takes Meghan McCain’s Gotcha Question Apart With Expert Precision

Meghan McCain might not be a Fox or OAN anchor, but she is well versed in their talking points. And each day on The View she regurgitates the same kind of things you hear on Fox & Friends or Tucker Carlson.

Levar Burton, who is currently guest-hosting Jeopardy, appeared on the show Monday afternoon. McCain couldn’t resist asking him about Dr. Seuss and cancel culture, two constant right-wing topics.

The host asked, “We have talked on the show about the decision by the Dr. Seuss estate to discontinue six of his books. What do you think of that decision and about the cancel culture surrounding works of art or artists that are controversial?”

The former host of Reading Rainbow responded, “Dr. Seuss is more than a company that decided to put a couple of books on the shelf. That man, Theodor Geisel, is responsible for generations of wholesome, healthy, wonderful and imaginative, creative content for children of all ages. And so, I think we need to put things in perspective.”

Burton continued, “In terms of cancel culture, I think it’s misnamed. I think we have a consequence culture. And that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in the society, whereas they haven’t been ever in this country.”

The answer from Burton represented a master class in how to deal with trolling questions from Conservatives. Jen Psaki, who deals with gotcha questions on a daily basis, would be proud.

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The View:

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