Report: Trump Wants Elise Stefanik to Replace Cheney But His Supporters Hate Her

Last updated on May 8th, 2021 at 09:50 am

There’s a reason why Donald Trump has remained the most powerful figure in the Republican party and it has nothing to do with his political ability. It has to do with the former President’s rabid group of supporters and their willingness to do anything he tells them to.

So when Trump said he wanted Elise Stefanik to take Liz Cheney’s leadership position in Congress, it was expected MAGA world would fall in line. But they haven’t done so. In fact, there was significant push-back today to the idea of Stefanik become the next Chair of the House Republican Conference.

Lou Dobbs, the former Fox host who recently lost his job, sent out an article which attacked Stefanik. He captioned the message, “RINO Games Destroying the GOP: Elise Stefanik, GOP conference chair favorite, voted with Trump less than Liz Cheney.”

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The idea of Stefanik was also criticized by Trump worlders like Ann Coulter, Raheem Kassam and former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Like many others, the Columbia Bugle, a pro-Trump Twitter account, cited Stefanik’s voting record and tweeted, “Replacing Cheney with Stefanik is just replacing an America Last Republican with a slightly less annoying America Last Republican.”

And Mark Krikorian, an anti-immigration activist said of Stefanik, “She ties with a couple other Republicans for the worst career voting record on immigration in New York. Obviously, Republicans in New York are likely to be more liberal, just because that’s the environment they’re in. I think everybody understands that. But even by the standards of New York state Republicans, she’s bad on immigration.”

Regardless of whether Trump world likes Stefanik or not, it doesn’t really matter. She already has the backing of Trump and reportedly has the votes in Congress.

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