Ohio GOP Tries To Force Republican Congressman To Resign Because He Voted To Impeach Trump

The Ohio Republican Party censured and called on Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to resign because he voted to impeach Trump.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported:

The Ohio Republican Party’s leaders called on Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to resign for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump, a stunning rebuke of one of their own.

On Friday, the party’s governing board called on Gonzalez, R-Rocky River, to resign in a divided vote. They also voted to censure Gonzalez and nine other members of Congress for “their votes to support the unconstitutional, politically motivated impeachment proceeding against President Donald J. Trump,” according to the resolution.

Any non-Trumper is being purged from the Republican Party. If they won’t leave voluntarily state parties, like in Ohio, are trying to push them out.

A broken and dwindling political party has convinced itself that a man who could soon be criminally indicted is worth betting the future of the GOP on.

There is a full-blown purge unfolding in the Republican Party. No one is safe, not members of Congress, party leadership in the House or anyone who dares to suggest the attempted violent overthrow of the United States government is not acceptable.

The Republican Party is imploding before the eyes of the nation.

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