47% of Republicans Want The GOP To Rig Elections In 2022 And 2024

A new CBS News Poll revealed that nearly half of the Republican Party thinks that their strategy should be to rig the next two elections.

Here is the question and graph:

Anyone who thinks that Republicans in the Senate will get on board and pass a bipartisan voting rights bill is delusional. Any Republican who votes yes on the For The People Act or the John Lewis Voting Rights Act will be committing career suicide.

With Manchin opposing the For The People Act, it is likely dead, but every member of the Democratic supports the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would restore the DOJ’s tools to protect voting rights.

Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud. Many Republicans don’t want to attract more voters. They want to rig elections so that their voters vote and Democratic voters can’t.

Democrats would be wise to make a filibuster exemption for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and pass it as soon as possible.

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