Jim Acosta Unloads And Names Tucker Carlson The Bulls*it Factory Employee Of The Month

CNN‘s Jim Acosta is not pulling any punches as names Tucker Carlson the “bulls*it factory” employee of the month.

Video of Acosta:

Acosta said of Tucker Carlson claiming that the 1/6 attack was a false flag operation carried out by the FBI, “Now, you may recall that I recently described Fox News as the bulls*it factory in honor of its steady stream of bogus segments aimed at ginning up viewer outrage, but Tucker has really outdone himself this week, so I’ve decided to award Tucker with the distinction of Bulls*it Factory Employee of the month. Congrats, Tucker. You did it. Nobody bulls*its like you when it comes to the insurrection. Nobody does it as good as you.

Acosta then transitioned to a segment on Putin’s BS that nicely tied it all together.

As Chuck Todd runs around defending giving Biden victory denies and insurrectionist supporters a platform because that do or may someday “have power, ” Jim Acosta is literally calling out BS on his CNN show.

Our mainstream media needs more Jim Acosta types. It is people like Acosta who take journalism and the truth seriously that give the media credibility that so many others are attempting to destroy with access journalism.

One of the main reasons why Fox News’s propaganda struggles to get into the mainstream of political discussion is that many in the US are calling out their BS and not giving them the mainstream credibility and attention that they desperately crave.