Biden Spends Father’s Day With His Family As Bitter Former President Humiliates Himself

President Joe Biden spent Father’s Day with his family and playing golf with his son and grandson, while the former guy called everyone losers.

According to the White House Press Pool as provided to PoliticusUSA, President Biden was at home with his family in Delaware, and in the early afternoon, went to play golf.

The White House Pooler reported:

Pool picked up motorcade as it rolled out of Biden’s street at 12:59, heading for unknown destination.
We have not seen POTUS so far today and have had no further information on activities.
Pool peeled off motorcade as it turned left into road marked with ‘Fieldstone’ signs at 13:07. Road leads to Fieldstone Golf Club. Pool van is headed to hold somewhere less interesting. 
White House passes the following along:

The President is golfing with:

  • Steve Ricchetti, Assistant to the President & Counselor to the President
  • Hunter Biden, his grandson 

It sounds like a nice normal family Father’s Day for the Biden family.

Earlier, Biden issued a Father’s Day proclamation that said in part, “Today, we express our appreciation for thefathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures who enrich our character, love us unconditionally, and give so much of themselves every day so we can live lives worthy of their dreams and sacrifices. “

Meanwhile, in a dark corner somewhere in Florida/New Jersey/Parts Unknown, the failed one-term former president released a statement:

Each and every holiday, it is important to remember what having a normal human being as president looks and sounds like. Joe Biden loves his family and spends time with them on Father’s Day.

The former guy puts out a statement calling everyone who doesn’t support him a loser and doesn’t mention his family at all.

The failed previous president is still the same as always, but America is no longer subjected to his behavior.

If you still have a dad alive and well, give them a hug, and thank your lucky stars that we no longer have to listen to Donald Trump.