Jen Psaki Reminds Reporters That Nobody In The Biden White House Cares About Trump

Jen Psaki answered a question about Trump and VP Harris going to the border by reminding reporters who is in charge of the government.


Psaki was asked if the White House thought it was important to get VP Harris to the border before Trump visited.

She answered, “We made an assessment within our government when it was an appropriate time to go to the border.”

In other words, the actions of failed former one-term presidents don’t weigh into the travel and decisions of the people who are running the government.

Trump’s trip to the border has as much significance and impact on governmental policy as that of any other private citizen, which is to say that it has none.

Presidents don’t care about what former presidents do.

Trump can pack himself into a rocket and fly to the moon. It won’t impact anything that Joe Biden does.

White House reporters need to quit their addiction to Trump. The circus has packed up and left town, and if the Manhattan DA files charges, it will never again come back.