Nearly 40 House Democrats Warn McCarthy That Marjorie Taylor Greene Could Incite Violence

More than three dozen House Democrats warned Minority Leader McCarthy that Greene’s actions could incite violence against members of Congress.

Via: CNN:

Nearly 40 House Democrats are demanding House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy take what they call “immediate action” to address the behavior of GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, whose actions, they say in a Thursday letter obtained by CNN, “could lead to violence against members of Congress.”


Rep. Greene’s conduct does not comport with what we expect from a member of the House of Representatives,” the letter reads. “Moreover, we are extremely concerned that her conduct is creating an unsafe work environment for members, and that her actions could lead to violence against members of Congress.”
Kevin McCarthy won’t support taking action against accused child sex trafficker Rep. Matt Gaetz, so the odds that he will do anything about Rep. Greene are zero.
As evidence by her serving as his opening act at his most recent rally, Greene is a Trump favorite, and McCarthy thinks that his path to the majority in 2022 goes through sucking up to Trump.
The dozens of House Democrats are correct. It is not a matter of if Rep. Greene incites violence against members of Congress, but when. Speaker Pelosi calls Greene the enemy within for a reason.
The behavior of the congresswoman and her staff has been escalating.  McCarthy could support a censure resolution, but he won’t, and when the violence eventually comes, the blood will be on his hands.