Former GOP Senator Bob Dole Admits He Supports Trump But “I’m Sort of Trumped Out Though”

Former Republican senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole (R-Kan.) told USA Today in an interview that while he supports former President Donald Trump, he’s “sort of Trumped out.”

Trump “lost the election, and I regret that he did, but they did,” Dole said. “He had Rudy Giuliani running all over the country, claiming fraud. He never had one bit of fraud in all those lawsuits he filed and statements he made.”

“I’m a Trumper,” Dole said at one point. He later added, “I’m sort of Trumped out, though.” 

Dole also lamented the current state of politics in the country.

“I don’t like to second-guess, but I do believe we’ve lost something,” he said. “I can’t get my hand on it, but we’re just not quite where we should be, as the greatest democracy in the world. And I don’t know how you correct it, but I keep hoping that there will be a change in my lifetime.”

He also praised President Joe Biden, calling him a “great, kind, upstanding, decent person.”

In 2016, Dole became the only former Republican presidential nominee to endorse Trump after he received the Republican nomination. Dole’s former advisers, including Paul Manafort, played a major role in Trump’s campaign.