WATCH: Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Slams Rupert Murdoch Over Fox’s Involvement in 1/6 Insurrection and Vaccine Hesitancy Push

While politics are certainly different in Australia than they are in the United States, Malcolm Turnbull would still be considered to be a Conservative. He is also acquainted with fellow Aussie Rupert Murdoch, having known him since 1974.

The former Prime Minister recently appeared on Mehdi Hasan’s show to discuss Murdoch and how his news network is currently poisoning America.

The host asked, “You mentioned dangerous, you mentioned devastating. So let me just ask you straight up. Do you believe Fox and the Murdochs, by creating what you’ve called in the past a “market for crazy,” by pushing not just election lies and white supremacist propaganda — but also anti-mask, anti-vaccine conspiracies — do they have blood on their hands?”

Turnbull answered, “Well, they certainly have contributed to blood being shed. January 6 could not have occurred without the Big Lie about the election having been promoted and pumped out, as it was by Fox News.”

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The former Australian PM continued:

“He knows the vaccines work. But he’s making billions of dollars out of a, you know, a news channel, a news platform, Fox News, which is promoting and enabling all of this vaccine hesitancy. I mean, surely — surely, you would think you would have enough affection for your viewers, not to encourage them to follow a course of action that is likely to result in their illness and death.”

Murdoch has had a strange last year or so. He wasn’t a big fan of Donald Trump and clearly devastated the former president by calling Arizona early on election night. At the same time, he seems to have no interest in reigning in his on air talent.

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