Jealous Trump Melts Down As Republicans Ignore His Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Sabotage

Trump is reportedly jealous and trying to undermine the bipartisan infrastructure deal because he didn’t get it done during his presidency.

Trump Is Upset Because Republicans Made An Infrastructure Deal With Biden

Politico reported: 

Donald Trump tried and failed to pass an infrastructure bill so many times over the course of his presidency that his attempts were reduced to a punchline. Now out of office, Trump is trying to ensure that his successor, Joe Biden, suffers the indignity of the “infrastructure week” jokes as well.


And in discussing current infrastructure talks, Trump aides concede that they remain upset that a big bill wasn’t passed while he was in the Oval.


Though he has increasingly sought to undermine negotiations, Trump’s efforts to derail any infrastructure package have, so far, mostly been met with a shrug on Capitol Hill.

Trump Is Jealous Because Biden Is Doing What He Couldn’t

Donald Trump never actually put together an infrastructure bill as president. He never tried to get Democrats involved or showed any interest in working together in a bipartisan fashion. Trump’s idea of bipartisanship was that Democrats should give him what he wants.

President Biden is committed to bipartisanship where possible. The deal that he cut with Republicans is not perfect for either side, but it is a display of the possibility of consensus.

Trump is the only president in the history of polling never to have a single day at or over 50% approval, so far, a man who spent four years dividing the country to be jealous over the bipartisan deal shows how out of touch the failed former one-term president is with reality.