Amazing Katie Porter Has A Portable White Board To Destroy Mining Polluters From Her Minivan

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) participated in a congressional hearing from her minivan where she even brought a portable whiteboard.

Video of Rep. Porter questioning mining industry execs about pollution from her minivan:

Porter is participating in the hearing in her minivan, where she absolutely grills a mining lobbyist about the sweetheart deal they get under a 150-year-old law that allows them not to pay royalties, and they have no environmental regulations are not subject to civil penalties.

It doesn’t matter if Rep. Porter is taking part in a hearing from the moon. She will have done her research and will have her trusty whiteboard nearby to drive the point home.

Congress has quite a few dedicated public servants, but Porter’s preparation and dedication are special. Major props also for getting such a great video feed in her car. Anyone who has to record video from their vehicle knows that this can be a very iffy proposition.

Even from her minivan, Rep. Porter still called BS on a mining industry lobbyist and defended the people against entitled special interests.