Debt Limit Bill Will Pass Tonight As Senate GOP Has Found 10 Votes In Favor Of Not Blowing Up The Economy

It took almost all day, but Senate Republicans have announced that they managed to find ten members of their caucus who thought destroying the economy was a bad idea.

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) announced:

It speaks volumes about the mindset of the Republican Party that it took Senate GOP leadership all day to find ten votes to reach the 60 vote threshold.

Senate Republicans did not want to have anything to do with the idea of the bills that they ran up under Donald Trump.

No one should be patting any of these Republicans on the back for doing the bare minimum.

Every single Republican should have voted to raise the debt ceiling because protecting the full faith and credit of the nation is part of their job.

Senate Democrats should amend the filibuster and get rid of the debt ceiling once and for all.

Mitch McConnell tried to cave after threatening to destroy the economy, and he was almost successful, as Senate Republicans were willing to cause a national and global economic crisis for some 2022 campaign ads.