Joe Manchin Denies The Rumor That He Is Threatening To Leave The Democratic Party

Sen. Joe Manchin denied that he is threatening to leave the Democratic Party by telling reporters that he has no control over the rumors.

Manchin told reporters:

Sen. Manchin or someone who knows him likely started the rumors to make sure that he gets his way on Build Back Better. There is no reason for Manchin to leave the Democratic Party. Democrats are closing in on an agreement that fits what he wants out of the bill.

Manchin’s denial means that the entire rumor was likely a pile of DC smoke that was intended to make sure that he gets his way on the bill.

Sen. Manchin wasn’t the only moderate who had a problem with the price tag. The reality is that Democrats were unlikely to ever get a $3.5 trillion package. The package that will be passed is still trillions of dollars that will help and change people’s lives for the better.

If Democrats are tired of the Manchin show, they can put an end to it by picking up one more Senate seat in 2022.