Sen. Roy Blunt Slithers Away And Disgracefully Refuses To Say The Election Wasn’t Stolen

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) was asked if he agreed on with Trump that the real insurrection was on Election Day, and he dodged the question.


Blunt was asked by Andrea Mitchell if he agreed with Trump that the real insurrection was on election day, and he answered, “I think the election was what it was. There’s a process you go through that determines whether the early reports were the right reports, and we went through that process.”

Blunt also urged Trump to talk about the future and not the past because talking about the future helps Republicans more.

Roy Blunt Wouldn’t Admit That Trump Lost.

Roy Blunt had a choice. He could have said that the election was legitimate and the 1/6 attack was an insurrection. Instead of telling the truth, he decided to say that the election was what it was, not mention 1/6 at all, and suggest that Trump stop talking about the past.

It was a slimy dodge that reveals how scared Republicans are to cross the Big Lie.

Until the Republican Party gains the courage to kick Trump to the curb, they will remain a threat to democracy. Even the Republicans who don’t fully embrace the Big Lie are participating in the attack on democracy.