Romney and Sinema as Ted Lasso characters

Kyrsten Sinema Has No Time For A Town Hall, But Stars In A Halloween Video With Mitt Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney starred in a Halloween video as Ted Lasso that featured Sen. Kyrsten Sinema who is avoiding and refusing to meet with her constituents.

Romney tweeted:

Sinema’s Misplaced Priorities Are On Full Display

Sen. Sinema has outraged her constituents on both the left and right in Arizona by refusing to meet with them or hold town halls, However, Sinema does have the time to star in Halloween videos with Republicans.

Senators who get too comfy in the cushy Senate club in Washington while ignoring the folks back home soon find themselves out of a job.

The people of Arizona need to have the ear of the senator that a majority of them elected. Instead of holding town halls and meeting with constituents, Sinema is playing costume party with Mitt Romney as the people of her state wait for her to vote for vital infrastructure legislation.

After seeing how Sen. Sinema is spending their time and the money that their tax dollars are paying her, Arizona Democrats need to send her a message with a strong primary challenger.

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