Biden Praises House of Representatives for Passing Landmark Social Spending Bill

President Joe Biden praised members of the House of Representatives for passing a landmark social spending bill.

“Above all, it puts us on the path to build our economy back better than before by rebuilding the backbone of America: working people and the middle class,” Biden said of the bill in a statement. “I thank Speaker Pelosi and the House leadership and every House member who worked so hard and voted to pass this bill.”

“For the second time in just two weeks, the House of Representatives has moved on critical and consequential pieces of my legislative agenda,” Biden continued. “Now, the Build Back Better Act goes to the United States Senate, where I look forward to it passing as soon as possible so I can sign it into law.”

The bill’s passage marks a major legislative victory for Biden, though it does face an uncertain future in the Senate, where Republicans will demand changes before it can pass.

The plan is part of efforts from the Democrats to respond to the climate crisis, invest in infrastructure and expand education, healthcare, and childcare.

It would constitute the largest broadening of the social safety net in years.