Just 20 People Showed Up To Mike Lindell’s Fox News Protest

Mike Lindell held a protest outside of Fox News to demand more election fraud coverage, and just 20 people showed up.


The crowd estimated at between 10-20 of the most deluded of the deluded held up their professional signs and chanted shame on Fox.

Lindell went on indicted criminal Steve Bannon’s podcast and accused Fox News of refusing to talk about election fraud and said that they are engaging in “election deflection.”

Mike Lindell made on single lonely relevant point as he blasted Fox for attacking President Biden for going to “some rich guy’s house for Thanksgiving,”  Lindell said, “Who cares? I don’t.”

Lindell is urging Fox to push debunked election fraud propaganda that they are already being sued over. Fox News doesn’t want to get sued for billions of more dollars.

It speaks volumes that Mike Lindell could only draw roughly ten people to an election fraud protest. Fox News doesn’t care because their viewers don’t care, which is an ominous sign for Trump if he plans to run on election fraud in 2024.