Biden speech in Pittsburgh

Biden Creates Nearly As Many Manufacturing Jobs In 1 Year As Trump Did In 4

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:46 pm

While speaking in Pittsburgh, PA, President Biden said that his administration created 367,000 manufacturing jobs in a year which is nearly as many as Trump created in his whole term.

Video of President Biden in Pittsburgh:

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In contrast to President Biden’s 367,000 manufacturing jobs, Trump, who lied throughout his presidency about manufacturing jobs, was less effective than Biden.

According to CNN, “As of February, 483,000 manufacturing jobs had been added during Trump’s presidency. As of the most recent data, from August, 237,000 manufacturing jobs had been lost under Trump.”

By the next manufacturing jobs report, it is very possible that Biden will have already passed Trump. President Biden is leading the manufacturing revival that Trump talked about, lied about, and misled on for his entire presidency.

Jo Biden came into office with a plan to rebuild American manufacturing, and the pandemic has made domestic manufacturing a priority. Because COVID caused supply chain issues, companies see the value of making things in America.

The United States is poised for its best manufacturing numbers in decades, and that turnout will be attributable to President Biden and Democrats in Congress.

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