Trump Forced the RNC to Pay Legal Bills Because He’s Almost Out of Cash

It was just two days ago that Forbes reported that Donald Trump has only $93 million in cash on hand. That’s a lot of money until one realizes that they have debts that add a decimal place to that figure, quite a few, actually. It makes one a bit desperate and willing to do some desperate things, like fight with the RNC about who is going to pay his legal bills, even the bills having to do solely with the NY Civil and criminal investigations into his businesses.

According to Tristan Snell, the lead plaintiff’s attorney in the Trump University case, Trump simply doesn’t have the cash to do it.

“The Trumps could potentially owe $100 to $300 million or more in back taxes, restitution, and penalties — and that’s just in the NY AG civil case alone,” Snell wrote, referring to Attorney General Letitia James’s ongoing investigation of the Trump Organization.

At one point or another, it’s near-certain everyone has read that Trump has several balloon payments scheduled to mature in the next couple of years, Snell puts the figure at $738 million in debt. Debt like that can suddenly make $93 million look like a fairly small figure. Moreover, Snell said that there’s not a lot of money coming in: “I am unaware of any business of his currently turning a profit.” That makes more sense in the context of a company that once valued a triplex at $320 million, or literally the most expensive residence on earth – one year, years previously it was worth nine figures less. A business that bad with numbers would seem to be one misplaced when it comes to the business and – let’s not forget, is already charged with a crime (the business itself).

Snell is not bullish on Trump individually, either: “There will likely be a superseding indictment soon, which will also name Trump individually.”

All of this helps Snell explain why Trump – the billionaire worth $10 billion (his figure), need the RNC to pay his legal fees: “Trump’s cash crunch helps explain why he needed to strong-arm the Republican National Committee into paying his legal fees for his criminal defense, $1.6 million and counting.”

And counting, and counting, and counting…