Bill Maher Shows His True Colors And Trashes The Left In Shocking Rant

Bill Maher claimed that he hadn’t changed, but the left had, and then he trashed the left.

Bill Maher Claims That The Left Has Gone Crazy


Maher said, “It’s not me who changed. It’s the left, who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental, and a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it, but I will. That’s why I am a hero to Fox News these days, which shows just how much liberals have their head up their ass because if they really thought about it, they would have made me a hero on their media.”

Bill Maher Now Sounds Like Fox News

Maher spent the rest of his segment cherry-picking things that happened in California to represent the “craziness” of the left, which is a common tactic used by Fox News.

Another Fox trick that Maher pulled out was elevated himself to the role of fearless truth-teller who calls out what others won’t. Fox built their audience on this tactic, and it is why their viewers have been conditioned to watch nothing else.

Bill Maher likes being a hero on Fox News because Fox and Maher go really well together.

The Left Had Grown Disgusted With Bill Maher’s Sexism And Bigotry

Bill Maher has always been a libertarian who tilted right. Many on the left forgot about his bromance with Ron Paul. Maher is an anti-Muslim bigot and a sexist.

While the left has gotten younger and more diverse, Bill Maher’s bigoted and sexist views became more out of touch with what used to be his audience.

Maher wore out his welcome with much of the left years ago.

It isn’t that the left has changed. Bill Maher has aged into the Fox News demographic.

Some readers complained when I wrote in October 2021 that Bill Maher had gone MAGA, but Maher himself is now basking in the love from Fox News while trashing what used to be his loyal audience.

Bill Maher didn’t change.

He is now exactly where he has always belonged.