Michael Cohen Guesses That Jared Kushner Is The FBI Informant

Michael Cohen says Trump must be obsessed with finding the informant, and his guess is that it is Jared Kushner.

Control and secrecy, secrecy and control. Trump was only one week into his presidency and yet had no problem telling the director of the FBI that he need the director’s “loyalty.” Trump cannot survive without secrecy and control. He had everyone who ever worked for him, including every employee on his reality show, sign a non-disclosure agreement. His company, “the Trump Organization,” never had more than a couple of dozen employees, his kids were vice-presidents, his CFO had been with him for over 30 years. Secrecy and control.

Now Trump has lost control, and his secrets are spilling out. Michael Cohen, once privy to and enforcer of those secrets, says that it must be driving Trump mad. Cohen appeared on MSNBC this morning and told Ali Velshi:

“Yes this is a big problem for him because under normal circumstances [garbled] quite a few people that are around him. So he is able to shift to the next person. Here, he is not sure he can shift to.”

Now the FBI and DOJ have the secrecy and control. In such cases, Trump is going to have to do what all defendants do, rely solely upon his attorneys.

“He’s not sure if it’s Melania, he’s not sure if it’s one of the kids. Now you may remember, for over a year and a half, I’ve been saying that the whole issue with [Jared] Kushner to me just seems falsely odd in the fact that he who was secretary of everything in the White House, secretary of everything and that he seems to be escaping any sort of attention and , you know, any legal issues and so I’ve been saying for a long time, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

First, his family does seem like the type that could easily turn on him if they themselves were threatened. We know Trump is capable of turning on anyone. It is a little odd that Kushner has escaped all criminal scrutiny, especially after his deals with Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem as though Jared was involved with January 6th (He was in Saudi Arabia) or “stopping the steal,” and one can avoid a lot of criminal exposure by steering clear of that plan.

“But, then again, it’s just my opinion. I personally have always thought that Kushner was the guy that would end up turning on his father-in-law first.

It makes perfect sense – as a guess – but only if the FBI had something on Jared. Again, it could be extremely secret. The Committee isn’t focused on financial deals with the Saudis, but the intelligence community might have focused on those relationships from the beginning.

There are other obvious candidates. Mark Meadows has stayed extremely close to Trump and is the person with the most criminal exposure (other than Trump) for the January 6th insurrection and fake electors scheme. But that is also a guess. To stay away from guessing, one can be sure that there is an informant, that the informant is very close to Trump, which would make a normally paranoid man that much more paranoid, and Trump doesn’t know where to turn personally. His only situational awareness comes from his lawyers, and it’s limited. He has lost control, and the secrets are spilling out. Trump can’t survive without secrecy and control.