Trump Considering Marjorie Taylor Greene as Potential Running Mate

In the name of all that is holy, thankfully, the odds are still against Trump running for president in 2024, according to the people closest to him and Trump whisperers like Michael Cohen and Mary Trump. One has nightmares considering the cabinet he would put together, Kash Patel as Sec. of Defense, Steve Bannon as Secretary of State (Or something equally ridiculous), and perhaps Marjorie Taylor Greene as the Vice President. One would hope that would be enough to keep Trump out of the White House altogether. There are reports that he’s considering Greene From Salon:

A New York Times reporter confirmed rumors that Donald Trump is considering Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as his running mate, should he launch a 2024 presidential campaign.

Robert Draper confirmed that Trump has been actively discussing Greene as his No. 2 since February, and while the former president has probably discussed other candidates, as well, the Georgia Republican brings something to the table that could push her over the top.

“She has been unflaggingly loyal to Trump throughout,” Draper said. “What is Trump concerned about most of all in a VP after the Mike Pence experience? Loyalty.”

Granted, if Trump is president, it’s extremely difficult to think of a step-down, and yet if anyone could do it, it’s the full Qanon queen herself.

“Unflaggingly loyal,” and that is all that matters, which says everything anyone would need to know about Donald Trump. We all know he would be a terrible president anyway, but he’s an out-of-shape, late 70s (at the time) year-old man, And Marjorie Taylor Greene is every bit as mentally unstable as Trump but perhaps doesn’t have the experience on the business scene, dealing with powerbrokers (we are reaching here for why she would be less qualified).

Moreover, Marjorie Taylor Greene has even less compunction about tossing her casual; racism and very formal anti-Semitism around, and if there is someone in the country more loyal to Russia than Trump, it would be Majorie Taylor Greene.

The list of reasons that Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t qualified to be president is just slightly longer than Trump’s. But it ultimately goes back to loyalty. Trump learned a lesson in his first term. He will never hire a person ever again with any ability to say “No.” That makes Trump that much more dangerous. Thankfully, though it’s still quite possible that he’ll run, the smart money is on him announcing he’s running, sweeping in massive amounts of cash, and then developing a health reason to sit it out… unless he absolutely needs to win to save him from prison.