House GOP Endorsed Trump Dining Partner Kanye West Says He Likes Hitler

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:36 pm

Kanye West, now known as just Ye, said that he likes Hitler and sees a lot of good in him. West recently dined with Trump and has been supported by House Republicans.


On InfoWars, Alex Jones says, “I don’t like Nazis.” Kanye West responded, “I like Hitler.”

The same guy who just sitting with Trump at his dinner table at Mar-a-Lago last week is now proclaiming his fondness for Adolph Hitler.

West’s comments led to the revival of this tweet from Jim Jordan led House Judiciary Committee Republicans:

The Republican Party is endorsing Kanye, who in turn is endorsing Hitler.

The corporate media needs to stop treating the situation like a normal political issue. ‘I like Hitler’ is not normal politics.

Republicans aren’t debating health care policy or government spending levels. The GOP is championing Nazis.

This is not normal.

A healthy political party would have kicked Trump and his Nazi admiring pals to the curb long ago, but the Republican Party is a sick and twisted threat to the country.

Nazis are not a debatable political issue, and they might be the only thing that almost every American can agree with Alex Jones on.

When Alex Jones is the sane person in the conversation, it raises a ton of red flags about who Trump is spending time with.

The Nazis were bad. They should not be liked, and the GOP’s endorsement of Ye is a big problem for the United States.

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