Liberals flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court

A Great Day For America Gets Better As Liberals Flip The Wisconsin Supreme Court

Judge Janet Protasiewicz won the Wisconsin Supreme Court special election, so for the first time in 15 years, liberals will control Wisconsin’s highest court.

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 Protasiewicz is the projected winner of the election as she leads 55%-44% over 2020 election denier and Trumper Dan Kelly with 77% of the expected vote in.

The Wisconsin election was the most expensive state supreme court race in US history with $42 million being spent, but it was also one of the most critical, The new liberal majority in Wisconsin will decide everything from abortion rights to election gerrymandered maps.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court justice-elect said in her victory remarks as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Today’s results mean two very important and special things.

First, it means that Wisconsin voters have made their voice heard. They’ve chosen to reject partisan extremism in their state.

And second, it means that democracy will always prevail.

Too many have tried to overturn the will of the people in our state. Today’s result shows that Wisconsinites believe in democracy and the democratic process.

Just as the rule of law prevailed in Manhattan with the arrest and arraignment of Donald Trump, democracy has prevailed in Wisconsin. The state will no longer have to worry about partisan election deniers trying to overturn the will of the majority or individual liberties like women’s health care freedom being stripped away.

The United States has had some dark times over the last handful of years, but today has been a very good day.


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