Donald Trump Jr. trashes his father during podcast.

Donald Trump Jr. Is Not Taking Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Well

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:06 pm

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Donald Trump Jr. has been obsessed for years with Hunter Biden, so after the DOJ plea deal, Trump Jr. melted into a stream of whining.

Trump Jr. tweeted:

Hunter Biden is the Trump 2024 version of Hillary Clinton’s emails. If there is no Hunter Biden scandal, Trump doesn’t have anything to use to distract from the 71 felony charges that he is facing.

Donald Trump Jr. has been obsessed with Hunter Biden for years. Trump Jr. is so deranged about the President’s son that he blamed Hunter Biden for the Chinese spy balloon.

The difference between the Trumps and Hunter Biden is that Donald Trump has an extensive laundry list of alleged felonies.

The Trumps assume that since they are corrupt and abuse their power, everyone is corrupt and abuses their power. Donald Trump Jr. might need a wellness check because as his daddy faces potential jail time, Hunter Biden will be walking free.

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