Nick Langworthy admits Republicans have no evidence that Biden took a bribe.

House Oversight Republican Admits They Have No Evidence Of Biden Bribe

Rep. Nick Langworthy (R-NY) tried to walk back the claims that Biden took a bribe by saying on Fox News that Republicans never claimed that Biden directly took payments.


Langworthy said on Fox News, “Well, we never claimed that we had direct money going to the President, but many members of his family have received money from foreign governments, and this is something that is very important for the American people to know. We haven’t been at this for two years. The House Oversight Committee. we just took the majority of Republicans in January of this year. This investigation has been going on now for eight months. We’ve accomplished more in eight months than it has taken some entities years to achieve.”

Republicans are always claiming that Biden took bribes.

However, they also try to always say that it was the Bidens.

Here is Speaker McCarthy:

Eight months of investigation and House Republicans have no evidence that President Biden ever did anything wrong. The Biden bribery scandal is apparently missing a Biden bribe. If there is no bribe of Joe Biden, then the House Oversight Committee lacks the authority to conduct an investigation. Hunter Biden is a private citizen, so the Oversight Committee can’t investigate him.

The Biden bribery investigation is nonsense, and when House Republicans are pushed in the slightest for details, it forces them to admit that they have no evidence.

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