Ron DeSantis gets called pudding fingers by protesters in Iowa

Iowa Protesters Drown Out Ron DeSantis By Shouting Pudding Fingers At Him

A couple of protesters in Iowa got Ron DeSantis off to a rough start by chanting pudding fingers at him during his remarks.


One of the protesters had a megaphone and, at the beginning of the clip, can be heard chanting pudding fingers at DeSantis and then ‘go back to Florida.’

Another attendee tried to get in the face of the bullhorn protester, who then started yelling into her megaphone, ‘get the f–k off of me.’

This is not the sort of smooth campaigning that DeSantis thought he was going to have in Iowa.

The Hawkeye State Republican campaign has featured a good bit of chaos. Whether it is Mike Pence getting into a screaming match with Trump supporters in a parking lot over Trump’s coup attempt or DeSantis and the message that he is getting that he is not welcome in Iowa.

The protesters giving DeSantis an earful were from the group Bitches Get Stuff Done, which trains progressive activists and is committed to social justice and equality.

If Republicans thought that they were going to bully women, or in this case, one man at the event who potentially committed assault, they have another thing coming.

DeSantis is finding out that in the real world, not his political fiefdom of Florida, the American people have no interest in a fascist, wannabe poor man’s Trump.

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