Rudy Giuliani talks to reporters after being booked in Georgia.

Rudy Giuliani Has An Epic Meltdown After Being Booked In Georgia

Rudy Giuliani attacked Fani Willis, claimed that the FBI stole his iCloud account, and denied false statements about the Georgia 2020 election.

Giuliani said in part:

If they can do this to me, they can do this to you. Remember, three years ago, the FBI raided my apartment. And they investigated me for two and a half years. 20 years of my life they investigated and wrote a letter to the grand jury, they couldn’t find a single crime. So that should have pretty much cleared me, don’t you think, except for this ridiculous case in which I’m being prosecuted for defending an American citizen.

Who I do as a lawyer, and five other lawyers are indicted. That should tell you right away that this is an assault on our constitution. Fani Willis, will go down in American history as having conducted one of the worst attacks on the American constitution ever when this case is dismissed. She has violated people’s first amendment right to advocate the government, to petition the government for grievances like an election they believe was poorly conducted or falsely conducted. People have a right to believe that in America. Biden and the Biden state doesn’t have a right to tell you what the truth is.

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I will tell you if you need to know what this is all about, the FBI stole my iCloud account, and you know when they went and stole it, the day I began representing Donald Trump four years ago. The day after I represented Mr. Trump.


Rudy Giuliani’s statements were insane. Giuliani was essentially claiming that being an attorney gives a person a right to break the law. The former president’s lawyer wants to talk about the First Amendment, but he doesn’t want to discuss the illegal conspiracy that he and his co-conspirators engaged in as part of a criminal enterprise to illegally keep Donald Trump in the White House.

It is no coincidence that the FBI got interested in Giuliani once he started representing a person who ended up being charged with 91 felonies in numerous jurisdictions.

Giuliani’s international business dealings as an unregistered foreign agent were under investigation long before he got involved in Trump’s election plot.

Rudy Giuliani is having a meltdown because there is a good chance that he ends up behind bars.

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