Peter Doocy pushes Hunter Biden conspiracies at White House briefing.

Peter Doocy Tried To Spread Hunter Biden Conspiracies And It Did Not Go Well

Peter Doocy tried mainstreaming Hunter Biden conspiracy theories at the White House press briefing, but it didn’t go great.

Here is a snippet of the exchange:

Doocy: The Secret Service is paying sixteen thousand dollars a month now to stage near Hunter Biden in Malibu who’s paying for that?

Pierre: That’s a question for the Secret Service.

Doocy: Okay. Hunter Biden is reportedly selling art to pay for his fifteen thousand eight hundred dollar a month rent in Malibu how can you guarantee that people are not going to be buying this art to gain favor with the president?

Pierre: That is a question for Hunter Biden and his representatives.


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Peter Doocy Was Playing A Game

Peter Doocy knows the White House won’t comment on any active DOJ investigations. Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by a special counsel. Doocy wanted Pierre not to answer because he went on Fox News right after the briefing and did segments based on Karine Jean Pierre redirecting his questions.

Fox News uses the video clip to sell Hunter Biden conspiracies to its audience, and the rest of the country has no idea what Doocy was talking about.

The Hunter Biden Conspiracy Is Not Working

Conservative media has not gotten the Hunter Biden conspiracy elevated into the national dialogue. Doocy’s questions were an effort to mainstream the right-wing catnip. Press Secretary Pierre did a good job. If she had answered Doocy’s questions, she would have given them legitimacy, and her answers would have been picked up across the media. By shutting Doocy down, the conspiracy stays on Fox News and in conservative media.

The Hunter Biden conspiracy is not working. Trump’s many indictments are sucking up all media coverage and oxygen. The Hunter Biden conspiracies were debunked in 2o20, and they are not doing what Republicans had hoped for.

Instead of a scandal that will bring down Joe Biden, the Hunter Biden conspiracies play more like the desperate embers of a dying party.


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