Kevin McCarthy humiliates himself on Fox News.

House Republicans Are Melting Down As McCarthy Dares His Own Caucus To Fire Him

Speaker Kevin McCarthy got his House Republicans into a meeting that was supposed to be about investigations, then told them they have to fund the government and dared them to fire him.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News reported:

In this case, Speaker McCarthy is right. House Republicans will have no leverage in a government shutdown and will get their heads handed to them by the White House and Senate.

House Republicans would not win a government shutdown because Republicans never win government shutdowns.

As far as McCarthy not fearing a motion to vacate, that is a lie.

Every single move that McCarthy has made to become Speaker and everything that he has done since he became Speaker has been carried out through the prism of avoiding a motion to vacate.

If Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) or any other MAGAs file a motion to vacate, Kevin McCarthy is toast as Speaker. McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to survive a motion to vacate, and Democrats won’t lift a finger to save him.

Kevin McCarthy has been a dead man walking since he became Speaker, and the dual issues of a Biden impeachment that much of his caucus doesn’t want to deal with and a looming government shutdown has sent his majority into meltdown that could finally result in the Californian getting the axe.

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