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Kevin McCarthy tries to deny Biden credit for getting al-Qaeda leader on Fox News

Kevin McCarthy Has Reached An Unfathomable Level Of Failure

For the second time this week, Speaker Kevin McCarthy has failed to pass a rule that would have allowed a defense spending bill to come to the House floor.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News tweeted:

There is no way to overstate how big of a failure this is for McCarthy and House Republicans. The Speaker actually lost a vote from when the same rules measure failed a few days ago,

House Republicans are so incompetent and broken that they can’t agree to bring a bill to fund the national defense to the floor for a vote.

Each time that McCarthy tries to bring something shutdown-related to the House floor, he gets shot down. The message that is being sent is that Kevin McCarthy is not in control of the House. A small group of MAGA House Republicans are running the show, and they want to shut down the government.

One of the reasons for this chaos is that far-right House Republicans act like they have control of the government when they are outnumbered by House Democrats, Senate Democrats, and the President. The Republicans who are driving the clown car off of the cliff are also outnumbered by members of their own caucus who don’t a government shutdown and a Biden impeachment.

Kevin McCarthy sold out every non-extremist Republican in the House when he agreed to the motion to vacate, and now it is the country that will suffer through a government.

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