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Kevin McCarthy on the resolution to expunge Trump's impeachments.

Kevin McCarthy Thinks He Can Pass A CR (But Only If It Helps Putin)

Kevin McCarthy told reporters on Friday evening that he thinks he can pass a continuing resolution (CR) but only if Ukraine aid is taken out so that it helps Putin.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported:

House Republicans are now saying that they won’t harm America as long as Democrats and President Biden allow them to harm America by helping Putin win the war in Ukraine.

McCarthy and the Putin Republicans have created a false equivalency that helping Ukraine means not helping Americans, but helping to protect democracy helps America.

Congressional Democrats and President Biden are never going to go along with Speaker McCarthy’s scheme. The Speaker is in desperation mode and is trying to pass any CR so that he can say that the House did its job, but that is not governing.

House Republicans have had months to pass spending bills and avoid the shutdown, but too many members of McCarthy’s caucus want a shutdown.

Republicans didn’t do their jobs, and now the nation is going to suffer.

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