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Supreme Court ruling may have given House Republicans the majority.

Hakeem Jeffries Tells Democrats To Vote To Oust Kevin McCarthy

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has told Democrats to vote against any motion to delay the motion to vacate and to vote to oust Kevin McCarthy.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News tweeted:

NBC News’s Ali Vitali reported that McCarthy does not have the votes to keep his job, “According to my unofficial whip count, he does not have the votes to keep his job. It is something he was told directly by reporters outside of the meeting and that footage you’re showing. McCarthy was told and he literally said if five Republicans stand with all Democrats to oust me, then I lose my job.”


Democrats aren’t going to bail out Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to get rid of the motion to vacate, and he doesn’t have the votes to keep his job.

If McCarthy is ousted, what happens next is anybody’s guess. Matt Gaetz has put forward anyone else to serve as speaker, and Democrats are not going to bail out McCarthy without a 50/50 power-sharing arrangement, which Kevin McCarthy will not agree to, so the House is about to embark on some major dysfunction the likes we haven’t seen since January.

House Republicans are a living campaign ad for Democrats to take back control of the House next year.

It is time for votes to put the adults back in charge, and send House Republicans back to the minority.

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