Voter explains why she dumped Trump.

A 74 Year Old Voter Gives The Best Answer When Asked Why She Dumped Trump

A 74 year old former Trump voter says that she dumped Trump in 2024 because she wants to live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.


The voter was asked on CNN who she voted for, and she answered, “Well, I voted for Nikki Haley, because that was voting against Donald Trump. I am 74 years old, I lived in a constitutional democracy all my life. I want to remain that way, I want my grandchildren to grow up in one, not a dictatorship.”

When asked if she voted for Trump in the past and why she changed, the voter answered, “Yes, I voted for him in 2016, I am a registered Republican. I regretted that vote almost immediately. Especially on his trip to Europe or he insulted our allies and praised Putin.”

She voted for Biden in 2020, and this was her answer when asked why she felt the need to cross party lines, “I want the world to be a safe place, I believe in a strong NATO. My father fought in World War II to defeat fascism. I want it to remain defeated.”

For those in the Republican Party and the media who want to believe that democracy is not an important issue, or that voters don’t care about Trump’s previous behavior, the voter interviewed on CNN provides the real life counter to that argument.

Many voters haven’t forgotten about Trump’s views and his behavior, and they aren’t willing to vote for him again. Donald Trump is trying to sell dictatorship.

While MAGA and many Republicans are buying his call to end democracy, other voters are not, and it is those other voters who are standing up for their country in 2024.

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