Mike Johnson talks about the border, Biden, and Trump.

Mike Johnson Admits That He Is Trump’s Puppet

Speaker Mike Johnson was asked why he wouldn’t work with Biden on the border, and he answered by talking about speaking with Trump.

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Johnson was asked on CBS, “Why won’t you do it with the powers you have? And I think that question comes around to Donald Trump, who has said, if this bill doesn’t get passed, if immigration doesn’t get addressed, blame me. That’s a quote of his. How often do you talk to? When’s the last time you talked to Donald Trump about this issue?

The Speaker answered, “I talk to the former president frequently. I believe he’ll be the next president. I’m delighted that we have now completed that process, and you’re going to have a rematch of Trump versus Biden.


Speaker Johnson’s answer was an admission that he is nothing more than a little theocratic puppet for Donald Trump. Trump is running the show in the dysfunctional and paralyzed House majority. Johnson is nothing more than an empty suit who takes orders from his boss.

The openness of House Republicans in admitting that Trump is running their show has been a political gift to Democrats. If Biden and the Democrats choose to run against House Republicans, they are running against Donald Trump.

There are so many ways to argue to the American people that rejecting Trumpism is best for the country, and one of the best is to show America what government looks like in the House in case they have forgotten after his presidency under Donald Trump.

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