Trump sitting at the defense table during his New York fraud trial.

Trump Is Trying To Delay NY Criminal Trial Until SCOTUS Rules On Immunity

In a new filing in New York, Trump moved to adjourn the hush money/election interference trial until the Supreme Court rules on his claim of presidential immunity.

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Trump’s lawyers wrote, “President Trump respectfully submits that an adjournment of the trial is appropriate to await further guidance from the Supreme Court, which should facilitate the appropriate application of the presidential immunity doctrine in this case to the evidence the People intend to offer at trial. Following the Supreme Court’s guidance, and consistent with the remand in Blassingame, the Court should hold a hearing outside the presence of the jury to identify and preclude documentary and testimonial official-acts evidence based on presidential immunity.”

This is all part of Trump’s delay strategy. His lawyers are playing each case off of the other to buy him more time. Polling has shown that a felony criminal conviction would be fatal to Trump’s general election campaign, so the former president is trying to drag everything out as far as he can past election day.

Everything that Donald Trump is filing and doing is a bid to stall for more time.

Trump’s legal team knows that the odds of the former president being found not guilty on 91 felony counts in four different jurisdictions are slim to none. So, Trump’s only option is to delay the trials until after the 2024 election and hope he wins.

There is no strategy for victory. It idelayd becauselay because for Trump, delay equals victory.

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