Republicans Voting For Kavanaugh Will Look Bad When He Is Impeached

The just-completed FBI background check into Brett Kavanaugh seems to have made his situation even more complicated than it was before. Many people — including senators — are now worried that the Republican-guided FBI investigation was severely limited in scope. Because of this, it has not eliminated concerns about the judge’s fitness to serve on the Supreme Court. read more

Report Finds ‘No Corroboration’ of Kavanaugh Sexual Misconduct Charges

The Wall Street Journal has reported that officials in the White House have examined interview reports and received a briefing about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s latest probe into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. read more

Kavanaugh Accusers’ Lawyers Attack Sham FBI Investigation

Lawyers for two of the women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault yesterday expressed their displeasure with the way the FBI probe into Kavanaugh is being conducted. They said they believe the FBI is not conducting a thorough investigation. read more

Poll Shows Most Voters Strongly Support FBI Probe Into Kavanaugh

A new poll shows that most voters in the United States are strongly in favor of a one-week delay in the confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The Hill.TV American Barometer poll released yesterday indicates that most Americans want the FBI to have sufficient time to investigate allegations against Kavanaugh. These allegations include several sexual assault charges as well as possible perjury charges. read more

Democrats Denounce Kavanaugh Probe As a ‘Farce’

Democrats are very upset about the scope of the FBI investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying that White House constraints are making it a “farce.” At the same time they are demanding more information about what exactly is going on. read more

Trump Gets Caught Obstructing Justice, Gives FBI Free Rein

Ever since it was announced that the FBI would do a further investigation of Brett Kavanaugh it has been difficult to figure out the exact scope of that investigation. And the events that unfolded last night made the situation even more confusing. read more

FBI Probe Will Send Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Down in Flames

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell appeared upbeat in public last night. But the truth is that once the president ordered the FBI do a further investigation of Brett Kavanaugh’s background, his confirmation to the Supreme Court was put in serious jeopardy. It could even lead to criminal charges and loss of his current position as a federal judge. read more