Russian Hackers Are Still Hard at Work Disrupting Democracy

Russian hackers after the U.S. midterm elections carried out a widespread hacking effort, targeting the federal government, media sites and influential Washington think tanks.

Although U.S election officials were looking for Russian interference ahead of and during the elections, but the detection of hacking activity by a Russian group didn’t occur until after the polls had closed. read more

Russian Hackers Are Causing Chaos With Foreign Power Grids

Russian hackers have recently been linked to cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure in several foreign countries. This new information from the security firm FireEye has increased the anxiety level of U.S. officials who are responsible for protecting utilities in the United States. They are now concerned that our enemies may soon target U.S. utilities which may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. read more

How Trump’s Unsecured iPhones Threaten National Security — And His Own

In April we reported that the FBI could be listening to Donald Trump’s cell phone calls.  Now it appears that China and other countries could be listening to his phone calls also.

Politico has reported that the president uses unsecured iPhones. This means that  Trump may be exposing himself to hacking or surveillance due to his use of an iPhone that he doesn’t swap out regularly. read more