Ted Cruz is Close to Destroying the GOP as only 19% Support His Defund Obamacare Scheme

Ted Cruz is Close to Destroying the GOP as only 19% Support His Defund Obamacare Scheme

Ted Cruz is close to destroying the GOP. According to the latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey only 19% of Americans support his plan to shutdown the government unless the ACA is defunded.

The CNBC survey found that 51% of Republicans support defunding the ACA, but those numbers reverse when they are asked about including a government shutdown and default. Forty eight percent of Republicans oppose Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare or else. Just 36% of Republicans support the Texas Republican’s threat to get rid of the ACA or the nation’s economy gets it. Republicans who aren’t tea partiers oppose defunding Obamacare, 44%-36%. Overall, support for Cruz’s gambit plummeted when if they supported defunding the ACA if it meant a government shutdown. Fifty nine percent said no. Nineteen percent said yes, and twenty two percent were not sure.

What this means is that Ted Cruz is a political sinking ship. If he was smart, he would abandon his stop the ACA at all costs jihad right now. Cruz tried to bail on this crackpot plan last week, and was immediately called ball less by his own party. The Republican Party is running away from Cruz as fast as they can because nobody outside of Mike Lee and the equally toxic Sarah Palin want to be seen within a political country mile of him.

Sen. Cruz has offered up an idea that is a threat to the political survival of the Republican Party. Everyone from Fox News to John McCain to Mitch McConnell is trying to stop him. All you really need to know about both John Boehner’s inept leadership and the level of insanity in the House is that the Republican leadership was pressured into passing a bill based on Ted Cruz’s knuckle headed scheme.

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If the government shuts down over Obamacare, the Republican Party will be screwed. A government shutdown would likely end Cruz’s national political career before it even starts, and it could cost Republicans their House majority.

Drunk on tea party rhetoric, and deluded by his own dreams of the presidency, Ted Cruz is this close to blowing up the entire Republican Party.

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