Rick Scott’s Latest Dirty Trick Backfires as Charlie Crist Disrupts The Disrupter

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Tuesday, April, 15th, 2014, 4:38 pm

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The Republican Lt. Governor of Florida was sent to one of Democrat Charlie Crist’s campaign events in order to disrupt things and get the attention off of the former governor, but Crist turned the tables and wouldn’t let the Republicans hijack his event.


Rick Scott’s Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera was speaking to the media at Democratic candidate Charlie Crist’s event, when Crist walked up and took over the conversation.

Transcript from The Miami Herald:

Lopez-Cantera: “Charlie’s willing to say whatever you want to hear to get elected. But when it comes down to the facts, to the record, when it was time to stand up and make a difference, he left….”
At that point, Crist appeared in the background, and offered his handshake to Lopez-Cantera.

Crist: “Good to see you.”

Lopez-Cantera: “Hey. How are you?”

Crist: “Doing well. Say hi to your family for me.”

Reporter: “Governor, he says you’ve told lies about Gov. Scott…”

Crist: “He’s got to debate the lieutenant governor candidate.

“Give me Scott.”

Lopez-Cantera aide: “Last question.”

Republican Gov. Rick Scott is in danger of not being reelected, because his opponent Charlie Crist knows all of the angles. He knows the GOP’s manipulations and dirty tricks, because he used to be a Republican. Crist isn’t going to stand off to the side, and let the Scott campaign pull the rug out from under him.

Crist was so smooth, and his appearance was so unexpected, that Lopez-Cantera was left speechless. Just like that, a Republican dirty trick was derailed, and Charlie Crist took back all of the headlines, by being a nice guy and greeting the Lt. Governor.

The way Crist walked away and demanded that Rick Scott be brought to him was the ultimate psyche out move. In his quest to be reelected to a second term, Rick Scott has 99 problems, and Charlie Crist is his biggest one.

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