Elizabeth Warren Stokes Rumors of a 2016 Presidential Run With Release of Memoir

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Wednesday, April, 16th, 2014, 8:01 pm

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The rumors of a potential 2016 run for president by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are growing after the Boston Globe got an advance copy of her upcoming book.

The Boston Globe got an advance copy of the book:

The White House scenes are some of the more revealing inside tales Warren relays in her new memoir, “A Fighting Chance,” in which Warren portrays herself as an idealistic outsider, persistently fighting the excesses and political power of Wall Street. Obtained by the Globe in advance of next week’s release date, the campaign-style book undoubtedly will stoke more calls for the Massachusetts Democrat, who won her US Senate seat in 2012, to mount a 2016 presidential campaign. Even so Warren has insisted she will not run for president in the next election, the book and her heavy promotional tour will keep her in the national spotlight.

Unlike the former Harvard law professor’s previous books, which focused policy prescriptions and economic studies, this one is penned in a folksy style and contains extensive biographical sections and family photos, along with colorful stories from her battles over financial regulations in Washington.

“It’s not the book that would have been on the syllabus for her Harvard Law School class,” said Chris Lehane, a San Francisco-based Democratic consultant. If she runs, he said, “it will be on the syllabus of every reporter covering the presidential election in 2016.”

Sen. Warren herself has said on at least three occasions that she is not going to run for president in 2016, but this book’s narrative departure from her previous efforts does lend itself to speculation that Sen. Warren is leaving the door open for something.

The reality is that Sen. Warren isn’t as well known nationally as she is among the activists on the left. Warren would have a difficult time running against Hillary Clinton. The 2016 contenders are already getting their organizations together, but Warren has nothing. The rest of the 2016 field is also getting their financing in order. Sen. Warren hasn’t made any moves towards building a 2016 machine.

Warren was a part of a secret letter from Senate Democratic women that encouraged former Sec. Clinton to run for president. I don’t think Sen. Warren is contemplating a presidential run in 2016, but I do suspect that she would happily join the ticket, or accept a high level cabinet position.

The Senate has given her a great platform, but Sen. Warren hasn’t sought to raise her national profile. The 2016 rumors won’t go away until she definitely doesn’t run, but there are likely big things in store for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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