Creepy Old Dudes Make Up The Majority of Readers On Some Right Wing Websites

Creepy Old Dudes Make Up The Majority of Readers On Some Right Wing Websites


Judd Legum, Editor-in-chief of Think Progress, noted today that the Daily Caller is “doing a great job of serving the creepy old dude demo.” In other words, everything you suspected about the “conservative” movement is true.

Quantcast can prove it too:

They also have no kids, are white, and make a lot of money. It’s possible that they don’t have Quantcast’s code (like we don’t) running, but it’s also possible that someone has been waxing wishful in their self reporting when everyone is a rich, childless dude with spare time he likes to waste on the Daily Caller, and yet the majority of their commenters struggle with basic English grammar.

It seems all conservatives one encounters online are rich job creators who hate everyone else automatically, based on their inaccurate assumptions that liberals don’t work or pay taxes when in fact liberals are subsidizing most conservatives. The fact of the matter is that with only a small percentage of people qualifying as rich, most of these people are playing a game of Fox pretend, which might explain their inability to cope with reality and subsequent votes against themselves.

But old white dudes (of a certain temperament)? I will buy that, because it fits in with the demo voting Republican, watching Fox, and generally having the loudest, most difficult time adjusting to these here newfangled times during which there’s a half black man in the White House and women are running wild with birth control like it’s 1969.

What’s not to love at Daily Caller for old white dudes of a certain temperament? They have the angry rudes yelling at the President in the middle of his speech, t & a, and of course it wouldn’t be “conservative” without the misogyny and racism, all topped off with an unfiltered, irrational and very emotional, butt-hurt rage that permeates their all of their “news”.


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