Tea Party Leader Resigns to Pull Mitch McConnell’s Daggers Out of Matt Bevin’s Back

Tea Party Leader Resigns to Pull Mitch McConnell’s Daggers Out of Matt Bevin’s Back

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In a sign of the times, a leader in one of the largest and most politically active national Tea Party groups is resigning in the lead up to the 2014 elections.

Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer has played a major role in elections for the past five years, but she’s stepping down, CNN reported Friday. “This has been a really difficult decision for me, but the time has come for me to leave Tea Party Express.”

Kremer is leaving in order to fight the daggers with which Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is allegedly stabbing the conservative movement. Upset that the Tea Party Express is heading to Florida to give aid in a mere House race, she’s going to work as a consultant for Matt Bevin, the Tea Party challenger for McConnell’s Kentucky Senate seat.

Comparing Matt Bevin to conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who have made trouble for their own party, Kremer told CNN, “They’re having daggers put in their back, not by the Democrats but by members of their own caucus. That effort is being led by Mitch McConnell and the only way to stop that is to defeat Mitch McConnell.”

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The Tea Party Express is the group that worked with CNN in 2012 in order to “host the first tea party Republican presidential debate,” because leave it to the mainstream media to be the last to know that the Tea Party’s influence is DOA on everything except the Republican Party (hey, you built that guys). The Tea Party seems hell bent on destroying the few bits of the Republican Party still standing after the GOP itself spent years destroying its brand, chasing after fools gold.

The Tea Party’s approvals hit a record low in December of 2013 after the epic failure of their government shutdown.

The same fringe of the conservative movement never goes away, they just rebrand. The same folks were the Birchers until that became obvious for what it was, and now they’re the Tea Party. The difference is that the Republican Party has given them more and more power, until they were/are running the party (see the GOP led-House). Republicans have had to do this in order to make up for the fact that their tent is shrinking, and the Tea Party have proven to be easily manipulated by the Koch Brothers and thus great shills for the elite. But just because that is what they are actually doing doesn’t mean that they know they are doing that; most of the activists are true believers.

Reinforcements are coming for Matt Bevin at a time when Mitch McConnell’s campaign often seems to be run by people who are secretly plotting his downfall, and he’s burning through cash in a manner unbecoming for an allegedly fiscal conservative.

It’s a dirty Republican on Republican primary in Kentucky, and waiting cleanly in the wings is a well polling Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY). And by the way, “The Secretary of State of Kentucky has outraised the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate, not once but twice,” per Grimes’ campaign manager Jonathan Hurst.

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