The Mainstream Media Ignores 100,000+ Progressive Protesters At People’s Climate March

The Mainstream Media Ignores 100,000+ Progressive Protesters At People’s Climate March

people's climate march
A crowd estimated at between 100,000-200,000 progressive protesters who are are peacefully marching through New York City is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Live video from The People’s Climate March:

Marchers filled up an estimated twenty-five city blocks in what is being described as the largest action against climate change in history, but the mainstream television coverage has been invisible. The march went ignored by the Sunday morning news shows, which instead chose to focus on ISIS and the NFL.

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Cable news provided no live coverage of the event despite the fact that it was taking place in the same city where all three networks are either located or have bureaus. Would it really have been difficult for the so called progressive network MSNBC to go down the street and provide live coverage? A live stream of the march would have been much more interesting to viewers than the standard fare of talking heads discussing the midterm elections.

The media always seems to have an excuse for why they ignore progressive marches, but there is no escaping the fact that they ignored the People’s Climate March because it was an event that drew progressive lawmakers and activists from all around the world. The corporate run media doesn’t want to discuss climate issues out of fear that they will alienate that climate change deniers in the Republican Party.

The climate change marches are happening around the globe, NBC News reported, “In London, organizers said 40,000 took part including actress Emma Thompson and musician Peter Gabriel. A march in Melbourne, Australia drew 10,000 people.” American television networks have decided that citizens don’t need to be informed about the biggest march against climate change in history.

It never ceases to amaze that a tea party rally featuring a dozen people can get more mainstream television coverage than a progressive march that features hundreds of thousands in the nation’s biggest city. The UN Climate Change Summit begins on Tuesday, but if our media can ignore 100,000 voices, there is zero chance that they will ever take their responsibility to inform the American people about climate change seriously.

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