Tim Russert Dies at Age 58

ImageA stunning loss not only for NBC News, but for the millions of weekly Meet the Press views around the nation and world. Very few details are available at this time only that Russert collapsed at the NBC News Studios in Washington D.C.

Russert took over Meet The Press in December 1991, and established himself as the best interviewer in politics. Meet The Press became must see viewing for all political junkies. Russert was always tough, but fair. To be a guest on his show, one had to really know their stuff. Who will forget Tim Russert and his grease board all through election night 2000? He was a Washington power player who didn’t ask insider questions. He would ask the questions that people sitting at home wanted the answers to.

He was a person whose enthusiasm and passion for politics was visible in everything he did. Russert wrote two bestselling books, “Big Russ and Me” in 2004 and “Wisdom of Our Fathers” in 2006. Election coverage and Sunday morning talk will never be the same in this country. Tim Russert was unique, and he will be missed by viewers all around the country.


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