The GOP’s Campaign to Dumb Down America

Several GOP and the Right Wing Conservatives are on a campaign to “dumb down” Americans. They challenge every bill and every policy even when it is clearly for the good of the people they represent. The right wing’s greatest campaign will not be in 2010 or 2012. It is happening today as they have launched an assault on America’s collective intelligence.

The highly secretive Bush/Cheney administration was responsible for driving America off a cliff, but according to their public relations machine of falsehoods, it is President Obama who crippled the economy, caused major job losses and foreclosures, and entered us into 2 major wars.

In reality, President Obama has inherited these issues, but he has been steadfast in working toward resolution. The Republican Party fights him every step of the way by using misinformation, declarations of mistrust and weakness against him and his administration.

People who are in a state of panic believe the propaganda, because the stress is very real in their lives. When you can’t pay your bills or mortgage, you don’t have time to assess the big picture of how all of this happened. You believe what you hear on the news and rarely tune into those who do the fact checking. As a result, Americans are suffering from memory loss and have been “dumbed down” to believe the GOP rhetoric. Americans were not paying attention when all this was actually created.

Today the economy has been brought back from the brink of disaster, unemployment is high, but job losses are down from when Obama took office. Foreclosures are slowing. Education and healthcare are in the process of reform. Our damaged image and relations have been improved globally. It took 8 years to get into this mess; it is going to take more than 10 months to recover.

From day one of Mr. Obama’s presidency, Dick Cheney has been accusing him of being weak and making the country unsafe. What kind of a former vice president broadcasts that kind of dialog to the world? Is he asking for an attack? Where were Cheney and Bush when our nation was viciously attacked on 9/11?

Why weren’t the warnings and the red flags acknowledged and acted upon? Why did we have to lose nearly 3,000 lives and the landmark World Trade Center buildings under their watch? Why did we have to lose the lives of 3,000 troops in a made up war that is still consuming huge amounts of capital and putting our troops in grave danger?

Why were prisoners left in chaos with no attempt to take them to trial and justice? Why did Bush and Cheney leave America with a war debt adding to our national deficit? Why does Guilliani blast the Obama administration for deciding to bring justice to those who claim to have been responsible for the attack on 9/11? He is on video tape for claiming NY could and should handle the trial of the first World Trade Center bomber. And it was a successful conviction. As a matter of fact, nearly 200 terrorists have been tried and convicted in American courts and are housed in our nation’s prisons.

Why does the GOP try to attach blame of the Fort Hood shooter on Obama when the American born major has been in the military for several years under Bush and the red flags began and were ignored while the GOP were in power? Why does the GOP allow Americans to die and lose or be denied health care for the sake of the Insurance company giants who line their pockets as well as the pockets of the congressmen?

The town hall meetings in August along with the tea party groups were inciting hatred under the guise of anti-healthcare reform. Vulnerable Americans were confused with all the angry rhetoric. Why does Sarah “barracuda” Palin claim to represent main stream America when she incites right wing extremists groups? Some of these extremists have been establishing independent “militias” with automatic assault weapons across America who claim Obama is going to take their guns and put people in detention camps.

They are serious and their guns really need to be taken away but unfortunately no one is trying. And where are these “imagined” detention camps? Why is Palin America’s sweetheart when she quit her commitment and responsibilities to the great state of Alaska while under ethics probes to go for a lucrative book deal that exploits her family and claims she is a victim to everyone? She is a political celebrity capitalizing on those currently suffering in America. She is not qualified to lead a country.

Why are Republicans slamming the President for using protocol to show respect to a fellow leader? Bush held hands with one of the Arab leaders and former great Presidents have also utilized that same protocol as President Obama. Bush and Cheney nearly destroyed the name and founding principles of America in their time in office globally. There were deep wombs to repair. Obama is a thinking President and he is building relations for the future that he will be able to call on as allies in the future. These transformations will not take place over night but they will take place.

Please take a moment to assess this time period in our history. Can we prevent any further “dumbing down” of Americans by the GOP and Right Wing Conservative groups? They are showing a total disrespect of America’s office of the Presidency to the rest of the world because of freedom of speech. That rhetoric and behavior hurts this great nation. And inciting hatred is “unAmerican”!

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  1. Given the recent examples at the Bachmann ‘even’t to protest health care – where the pledge of allegiance was muffed, and Boehner didn’t know the difference between the preamble to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (while waving his apparently unread copy in his hand) – seriously, does this SURPRISE you about the GOP???????????

    These are the same ignorami who don’t understand the science behind climate change (like the significance to rises in carbon dioxide); and who want to teach the bad science of creationism and intelligent design; and ignorance only, er, abstinence only, sex ed in our schools.

    Dumbing down is their modus operandi.

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