Daily Archives: Thu, Aug 12th, 2010


Republican Support for Sarah Palin Nosedives

A nationwide poll of Republican voters was released by the Clarus Research Group, and it contained some bad news for Sarah Palin. While the race for the 2012 nomination remains wide open, support for Sarah Palin has declined 33% in a year. Mitt Romney leads the field followed by Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and Palin.


The Theory of Relativity and the Art of Conservative Apologetics

The extremist system runs on pure lies. Anything less gums it up and stalls it. This is as true of the extreme left as the extreme right. This said, it can now be understood why the conservative book writing movement is an exercise in apologetics from the Heritage Foundation to Beck to Coulter; why it has to be. The minute you start acknowledging other points of view, you begin to encourage people to think, to ask questions, to make choices. This must be discouraged at all costs.

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