GOP Proven Wrong Again As ObamaCare Created 23,000 Jobs In December

The numbers are out for job creation and it looks pretty good. The unemployment rate went down to 8.5% from 8.7% and 200,000 jobs were created.

Here is the hidden gem. While looking into the different sectors, I found that the healthcare sector added 23K jobs in December and a total of 315K jobs in 2011. But if we listened to the right wing meme, the Obamacare law should have caused layoffs. Especially considering Obamacare DIRECTLY regulates the health insurance and healthcare industries.

The healthcare industry has seen their profits increase dramatically in 2011 according to bloomberg, “..profit margins at the companies widened to levels not seen since before the recession, a Bloomberg Government study shows.” So much for the talking point, that this law is bad for business.

I understand that the reason for the increase in healthcare employment is due directly to an increasing elderly population. That is what progressives, Democrats and others have been arguing is wrong with this economy. The problem is demand not regulations or taxes.

The point is if regulations killed industry, the healthcare industry would be the FIRST to feel it under this law.

The other industry that showed a positive turn is manufacturing. After months of stagnant growth, the manufacturing industry also added 23,000 jobs. This is especially positive in my view because this is where real wealth is created.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing layoffs in the public sector. In 2011 30% of ALL, total layoffs were in the public sector. If the Republicans would have passed the President’s jobs bill, it would have saved those public sector jobs. That is the main reason why unemployment remained high in 2011.

It wasn’t the oppressive policies of this administration, it was the austerity of the local and state governments, mostly led by Republicans.

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  1. And where did the public sector layoffs come from? From republican governors like walker who increase pay to cronies while they layoff thousands who make one third of what their cronies do. Who are the job creators? Democrats!

  2. Ah, but Santorum says the economy is improving because…get this…: “I think our economy is overcoming what Barack Obama is pushing in its place.” So it’s just another GOP plan: if the economy recovers, it is in spite of Obama, if it doesn’t, it is BECAUSE of Obama. Isn’t this getting old, even for the diehard GOPers?

  3. Democrats indeed are the job creators. Just think what the report would’ve been in the republiCONS, you know, actually cares about people, the economy and the country. And Santorum’s response is laughable.

    It’s up to us to spread the facts and truth about the accomplishments of this APresident and his Administration. Like the sign I read recently said, “It’s yes WE can, not yes HE can.”

    We’ve got to help our President.

  4. And let’s not forget that under Walker, Wisconsin has lost jobs. I believe it was 12,500 as of September, which led the nation in that dubious category.

  5. This is the GOP’s nighmare. Despite two years of “HELL NO!” and bamboozling enough voters in 2010 to get a House majority so they would “create jobs,” their plan to bring down the President is a failure. And despite the Koch Governors and the money and the petty manuevering, the economy IS recovering. Obama will be re-elected. It is up to us to also vote in progressives who will help him return this country to equity, fairness, and a fighting chance for the poor and middle class. Then it’s Warren in 2016!

  6. The GOP candidates for the nomination have been campaigning on getting rid of the “job-killing” Obamacare. This latest finding makes them look even more foolish and out of touch with reality. I hope that events continue to confound them and to discredit the alternative reality they swear by.

  7. “While looking into the different sectors, I found that the healthcare sector added 23K jobs in December and a total of 315K jobs in 2011.”

    Two suggestions:
    1. Do the math, 315K jobs added to the already un-affordable health care industry. At a mild $60k per person salary, that’s $18,900,000 per year added to the costs of health care. Whom do you suppose will pay the added costs? The People, either through direct payment to HC providers, insurance premiums, or taxes.

    2. It might be wise to delay the celebration till the Jan and Feb job stats are out to see if it was Obama or Santa Clause who brought those Dec jobs.

    OK 3. I think I’ll try to get a loan at my bank by telling them I’ve added a half-dozen more souls to my household, with no visible signs of any increase in income–except maybe borrow even more from the resident loan shark (read China), Oh, yes, there was those three weeks I played Santa Clause at the mall.

  8. The added jobs would be in response to added customers. Think about it, do companys just hire people to be silly?

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